# March 07 2022. JSHP Shipped 11,000th unit of 110kV to 525kV transformers & shunt reactors on March 7,2022.

JSHP Shipped 11,000th unit of 110kV to 525kV transformers & shunt reactors on March 7,2022 while hundred thousands of oil & dry distribution transformer were shipped from the same factory in past 35+ years, to 77 countries worldwide. No single catastrophic failure! All of those was accomplished under one management. In 2021 alone, JSHP shipped 619 units of 110kV-525KV transformers & shunt reactors, 8099 units of pad-mounted/MV station/JStrong, 15982 of cast-resin transformers. Details: JSHP Flyer

# March 03, 2022 JSHP JSHP's 850KV 3P 400MVA Testing Transformer is in operation now

After several months design & fabrication, JSHP self made 850KV 3 phse 400MVA testing transformer is in operation now. The unit is at one of the JSHP's in-house HV labs for HV shunt reactor testing. It expands JSHP's shunt reactor line up to 3 phase 525kV and one phase 765KV shunt reactor. And JSHP ships 2-3 units of 115kV -525KV transformers and shunt reactors per DAY in past 10 years.

# Nov 04 2021. JSHP helps US crypto mining industry to become the No.1 in the world .

JSHP is delivering about 250+ units of 2500kVA UL listed pad-mounted to US crypto mining clients to meet their immediate requirement. Without using hard to get containers ( would need about 100 40ft containers ), JSHP manages to deliver in less than 6 months lead time. 4 units of 138kV 200MVA power transformers are also on its way to US crypto mining clients with about 6 months lead time.

# Sept.10 , 2021 JSHP made a breakthrough in Europe with 7 big GSU award

JSHP made a breakthrough in Europe with award of design, fabrication, delivery of 8 units of GSU transformers to Italy. 2 of 6 400kV GSUs are 400kV 650MVA GSU. 4 units will be delivered by June 1, 2022, the others will be end of 2022. And JSHP also has a new happy customer in Europe.

# August 10 2021. JSHP has been awarded to design,build,and supply of a 345KV 610MVA Step-up Power Transformer by a US comapny.

JSHP received a PO from an "old" JSHP customer based in US to design,buld,and supply of a 345kV 610 MVA step-up power transformer. The transformer will be delivered to main US city.

# July 27 , 2021 JSHP shipped a 500kV 1000MVA Transformer in 128 Days.

JSHP held a ceremony in its one of in-house HV lab for shipping out a three-phase 500kV 1000MVA power transformer in 128 days. Proud owner Mr. Qian and employees !

# July 15 2021. JSHP designed, built,and tested this 230kV 460MVA GSU transformer in 79 days and ready to ship to Europe. JSHP ships out about 2 units per DAY in past 10 years.

# April. 20, 2021 JSHP shipped a 230MVA transformer to Illinois, USA in 95 days. And delivered a total of 673 units of 110kV-525kV transformers in 2020.

JSHP has been awarded to design, manufacture, and supply of this 138KV 230MVA with MR OLTC and ANSI bushings to be delivered to Illinois, US in 6 months 10 days. The unit passed FAT in 95 days and on its way to Illinois, USA. JSHP delivered 673 units of 110kV-525kV transformers in 2020. JSHP also is supplying a 230KV 460MVA ODAF GSU in 3.5 months. In whole year of 2020, from its only factory in city LiYang, JSHP delivered worldwide 673 units of 110-525kV transformers, 3526 units of 34.5kV wind/solar GSUs/MV stations, and 18% sales annual increase.

# Dec 01, 2020. by end of October, JSHP delivered 535 units of 110Kv - 525kV transformers in 2020 and received 11 units orders in USA during November.

During this November By end of this October, JSHP shipped 535 units of 110kV-525kV transformers world wide, 2100 units of 34.5kV wind/solar GSUs/MV Stations, and 5508 units of 10-35kV distribution transformers.

During this November, JSHP has been awarded to design, manufacture, and supply of 11 units of power transformers to the US clients , the size up to 230KV 330MVA, including two units of 230kV 240MVA FR3 GSUs to offshore wind platform installations. Below are the some deliveries into USA during this Oct- Nov.

# Sept 24, 2020. JSHP delivered 330kV 230MVA FR3 Transformer and Energized

JSHP delivered this 330kV/33kV 230MVA ONAF FR3 oil transformer to the site at Mimegarra, WA, Australia and the unit has been successfully energized this 2020 summer.

# June 20, 2020. JSHP delivered 138kV 204MVA GSU replacement to Houston, TX, USA with 6 months lead time to meet 2020 summer peak demand.

To replace a failed GSU, JSHP delivered this 138kV 204MVA GSU in six (6 ) months, including design reviewing, fabrication, testing , and the shipping to the site at Houston, TX, USA to meet the summer peak eletricity usage. Another JSHP's happy customer.

# March 23, 2020. JSHP dry type 110kV/35kV 40MVA transformer put in operation at a data center in Shanghai.

This record-breaking dry type transformer ratings is 110kV/35kV 40MVA@AN cooling HV OLTC +-4x1.25% DETC +-2x2.5%, insulation level: Um 126kV / LI 460kV /AC 200kV and puts in operation March 23, 2020 in one data center in Shanghai. With this dry type cast resin transformer, the data center avoided to use the SF6 unit in the Shanghai city. Details: JSHP record-breaking Dry type 110KV

# March 12, 2020. JSHP production update, expected to ship out 50 of 110-525kV this March

The JSHP factory campus is located in Liyang city, which has about 800K population. The city had three COVID-19 confirmed cases so far. They were tested positive befreo Feb. 5 and were released from the hospital Feb. 21, 2020. While JSHP has been following the guidelines, during this Feb, JSHP shipped out 36 units of 110kV-525kV transformers and expected to ship out 50 units during this March. The JSHP typical fabrication time is still between 4-8 weeks. JSHP solar MV prefabricated station production is back to normal too.

#Oct. 10, 2019 JSHP announce a new product line JStrongTM Rupture/Arcing - Resistant transformer line. see details.

Click here for the tank arcing explosion-resistance verification test video up to 37MJ

# Oct.1, 2019. JSHP began expansion construction for renewable - $100M 18 months

While JSHP has about 25% china market renewable GSU transformer market share, JSHP had a foundation stone laying ceremony on Sept. 30, 2019 to expand the existing factory for world renewable applications: container/skid solutions for solar application, explosion-proof JStrong oil and dry type turbine cell transformer. Targeted capacity is 1000 units per month.

# April 09, 2019 JSHP Delivered 1st HVDC Transformer to USA !

The unit is Blackwater HVDC B2B 230KV 73MVA, replacement of the 1985 units, delivered Feb., 2019 with ten month lead time, on time, on spec , and on budget.

# April 30, 2018 JSHP Delivered 3 units of 330KV 300MVA in 50 days !

The units are rated 330KV +-8*1.25% /35KV, 240MVA/400 MVA ONAN/ONAF per IEC standard. The solar site, combined with the hydro station, located in Qinghai province of China, needs 2 units plus one for phase II. With quick leadtime of the components, JSHP shipped out first 2 units on April 18, 2018 with 50 days leadtime including design, fabrication, factory testing, and dissembling/packing , which the 3rd unit is waiting for further notice. In 2014, JSHP delivered a 240KV 318MVA GSU to Siemens generation in 82 days.

# January 02, 2018. JSHP supports 10% of the NYC load !

With delivery of a 345KV GSU & shunt reactor to Bayonne Energy Center at Bayonne, NJ who exclusively powers the NYC, JSHP transformers support 10% of the whole New York City since 2012. This fact does give JSHP team confidence in JSHP's design, fabrication and after sales support performance in North America market !

345KV 610MVA GSU, BEC I, 2012
345KV 160MVA GSU, BEC II, 2017
# January 19, 2017. JSHP received award of supply of 345KV shut reactor and GSU transformer to the Bayonne Center Center - Phase II at NJ, USA.

Under the awards, JSHP will design, fabricate, testing and deliver on pad of a 345KV 110MVAR shunt reactor and a 345KV 160MVA with two 13.8KV LV windings with lead time 36 weeks.

JSHP delivered all the GSU & UAT transformers to the Bayonne Energy Center - Phase I total 512MVA generation in 2012.

# November 07, 2016. JSHP did again, delivered ahead of schedule.

JSHP delivered 525KV-69Kv, 133MVA transformer needed for NV's Laughlin project. delivered one unit on pad on Oct. 31 this 2016, in less than 32 weeks , ahead of the schedule

# March 24, 2016. After successful delivery of 525KV 1500MVA to NV Energy at Las Vagas,

JSHP received an award again from NV Energy for supply of two units of 525KV-69Kv, 133MVA transformer needed for NV's Laughlin project. The 2 units will be delivered on pad by end of this 2016!

JSHP delivered all the GSU & UAT transformers to the Bayonne Energy Center - Phase I total 512MVA generation in 2012.

# June . 16, 2016. JSHP delivered one set of 525KV 1500MVA Auto-transformer to Las Vegas, USA on schedule without surprise !

The factory inspection

Loading at the JSHP factory

Delivered on pad at Les Vegas , USA on Feb. 21,2016

Energized on May 31, 2016

# Dec. 1, 2015. JSHP delivered 20,000 units of Solar & Wind Transformers in 8 years.

To meet the growing market of renewable energy market, JSHP so far delivered 20,000 units of solar and wind step-up transformers world wide, the transformer ratings ranges from 500KVA to 3000 KVA, 34.5KV. The design includes pad-mounted and compact substation as shown here. Download JSHP Solar & Wind Transformer Flyer

# Oct. 8th, 2015. JSHP delivered 4 units of 525KV 216.7MVA Auto-Transformer One Month Ahead of Schedule to Oregon, USA.
# Feb. 10th, 2015. JSHP's 6,000th 110KV Transformer Shipped ! No Single Catastrophic Failure

On Sept 30th, 2014 JSHP shipped out 6,000th unit pf the 110KV power transformer since 1996. By end of 2014, there is no single catastrophic failure worldwide ! During the same period of time, JSHP also delivered 700 units of 220-500KV units. All those units were manufactured in one factory campus under the same management !

# Dec 12, 2014. JSHP received an award from NV Energy of Las Vegas, NV, USA to supply one set of 525KV 1,500 MVA Auto-transformer.

The order will be manufactured in JSHP's only factory Liyang and the lead time is 40 weeks ARO. The order is something for the 2014 Christmas !

# July 8, 2014. JSHP delivered a 240KV 318MVA GSU in 82 days, ahead of schedule to Siemens.

JSHP was awarded a PO of a supply of one unit of 240/16.5kV, 318MVA ONAN/ODAF1/ODAF2 on April 4, 2014 by Siemens Power Operations Inc. with 111 days lead time, FOB shanghai for a replacement of a failed unit. JSHP delivered it in 82 days.

# March 15, 2014. JSHP appeared in The Wall Street Journal

"Transformers Expose Limits in Securing Power Grid" by Rebecca Smith

# March 14, 2014. JSHP has another breakthrough in US market, JSHP was awarded a PO of a supply of 4 units of 525KV auto-transformer by Pacificorp/MidAmerica

After through auditing, Pacificorp/MidAmerica awarded the order, which includes 4 units of 525KV, 217MVA, 3 windings auto-transformer to the Orgeon substation. The 525KV transformers will be delivered in 2015.

# Feb 20, 2014. JSHP shipped out a phase shifting, regulating transformer.

This special transformer has 105 voltage regulating steps with 7.5 degree phase shifting, 138KV, 90MVA, OFAF. It demonstrates the JSHP’s capabilities

# Feb. 15, 2014. JSHP is providing HVDC Converter transformer repairing service to the State Grid Corp of China. The 1st converter transformer is 12 year old, 500KV converter transformer
# January 25, 2014. JSHP has been awarded supply of all the GSU/UAT transformers by Siemens.

The power plant combined cycle power plant (CCPP) with a capacity of 414 megawatts(MW). The order includes a 555MVA GSU and UATs.

# IEEE T&D Expo 2014. Please come and visit JSHP at booth #5721 on April 14-17 , 2014 in Chicago, IL, USA
# IEEE T&D Expo 2012. Please come and visit JSHP at booth #843 on May 7, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, USA
# Oct. 23, 2011. JSHP passed a random short circuit testing on a 220kV, 240MVA transformer.

As new round of the QC procedure requested by the State Grid Corp of China, JSHP Transformer passed a short circuit testing at the China National Transformer Testing Center. The transformer is rated 230kV/117kV/37kV, 240MVA ONAN, HV +-8x1.25% tap, YNyn0d11, 3 phase, 50Hz. And the tested transformer was randomly picked by the power company. The testing was per IEC 600076 and GB/T6451-2008 and was witnessed by KEMA. The max impedance change during the testing is 0.31%. JSHP had one catastrophic failure due to the short circuit fault at the LV bushing side on June 3, 2011. This first catastrophic failure is the biggest shame ever happened to JSHP in JSHP 50 year history with 5000 plus deliveries.

# July, 2011. Liyang, China. JSHP supplied 57 units to Japan in 5 weeks.

JSHP supplied 57 transformers in 6 weeks for Japan as part of a fast-track power solution following the tragic Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake and associated tsunami on March 11, 2011 that caused damage to the nation’s energy grid. The 57 transformers include 3 units of 66kV, 100MVA series, 33kV/11kV aux transformers, and 33kV 4MVA pad mounted transformer. Total lead time from ordering to delivering took only 5 weeks. By July 3, all the transformers are ready to be energized in Japan with JSHP's commissioning supervision and inspection.

# JSHP shipped out a 345kV 610 MVA GSU to USA

March 10, 2011 . The transformer 345kV 610MVA SSU along with 138kV 160MVA have been shipped out to Bayonne, NJ, which will directly connect to New York city, NY

# JSHP is ready to ship 39 units with 8 designs to Peru

March 4, 2011 . All the 39 units of 35kV distribution tranformers have passed the tests and ready to ship.

# JSHP shipped out a 345kV 280 MVA Autotransformer to USA

Sept 10, 2010 . The transformer 345kV/161kV/13.2kV Y-Y-D connection, 1300kV Bil, OLTC -RMV on 161kV side and DETC on 345kV side.

# JSHP is the #1 Transformer Manufacturer in China in 2009

June 22, 2010. The China Transformer Association just published the 2009 survey results based on sales. JSHP tops the list again. The survey Report

# JSHP received second order from New York Power Authority ( NYPA )

June 5, 2010. JSHP just received an award from New York Power Authority ( NYPA ) for a supply of 5 units of 240kV 135MVA GSUs for the Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station. JSHP delivered a 138kV 120MVA GSU to NYPA's Flynn power plant in May, 2010. JSHP will fine tune the design so the new JSHP GSU could fit into the exiting space and the 5 units will be delivered in 1-3 years respectively. Also, JSHP received a PO from AES, Virginia for one unit of the 345kV 170MVA GSU in May 2010. As the No. 1 power transformer manufacturer in China surveyed by independent industry group, JSHP is always developing new systems and providing the latest technology in their equipment.

# JSHP's Breakthrough in the US Market

March 12, 2010 JSHP Transformer received an award for a supply of all the transformers for a new 600 MVA power plant in New Jersey, which will directly provide electricity to city of Manhattan, NY. The order included one 345kV 610 MVA GSU, four 138kV 160 MVA GSUs and two Aux transformers. These transformers will be delivered on site around the end of 2010. Since 2006, JSHP has delivered over 40 units to the USA and Canada, with sizes from 10MVA to 400MVA and up to 345kV, and locations ranging from Florida Power & Light at Miami to BC Hydro at Vancouver. This is definitely a milestone for JSHP in the US market.

# JSHP 500kV 334MVA Autotransformer passed the China Certification JSHP attends the 2010 IEEE T&D Expo in New Orleans in April 19-22/2010 JSHP is the #1 Transformer Manufacturer in China in 2008

The Top Ten list is published by the China Transformer Association annually. This list is based on the transformer sales in 2008.

# JSHP attends the 2008 IEEE T&D Expo in Chicago & 2008 Wind Power at Houston Transformer Manufacturers JSHP Transformer Co. Ltd. tops the 2006 China Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers

May 10, 2007. JSHP Transformer Co., Ltd. again tops the 2006 China Top Ten Transformer Manufacturers with annual revenue about 300 million US $, almost 20% over the second on the list. The Top Ten list is published by the China Transformer Association annually. The list is based on the transformer sales in 2006

# JSHP Transformer Co. Ltd. signed an exclusive marketing and service agreement with DSI

Sept 1, 2006. JSHP Transformer Co., Ltd. signed exclusive marketing and service agreement with Doubletree Systems, Inc. located in California, USA to promote and market JSHP Transformers in the North America, at the same time, develop domestic sales network and provide local service for JSHP's products in North America.

# JSHP Transformer Co. Ltd. registered a new trademark JSHP

July 1, 2006 , Jiangsu, China. Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer Co. Ltd. has registered a new trademark JSHP and will use its new brand name JSHP Transformer around the world.

#JSHP Transformer is No. 1 in China's Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers in 2005

May 1, 2006, Shenyang, China. The China Transformer Manufacturer Association published the 2005 Top 10 China Transformer Manufacturers based on transformer sales from its annual survey of 2005 China Transformer Manufacturers. JSHP Transformer Co. Ltd. lists as No. 1. See http://www.dsius.com/2005top10_Tr_inChina.pdf for more details.

# JSHP Transformer Co. listed in two of the 2005 China Top 10 News in China power transformer industry selected by the China Transformer Manufacturer Association:

Delivered over 500 units of 110KV oil-immersed transformers in 2005. JSHP's 220KV/180 MVA transformer passed a short-circuit test on October 28, 05. The biggest MVA transformer that was ever tested in China.