JSHP Transformer (JiangSu HuaPeng Transformer Co., Ltd.) was found in 1967 and now it is a completely family owned manufacturer. JSHP tops the China Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers surveyed by the China Transformer Manufacturer Association. JSHP Transformer still proudly keeps ZERO catastrophic failure with thousands of transformers in operation around the world before June, 2011. JSHP Transformer is located in Liyang city, Jiangsu province and 40 minutes drive to provincial capital Nanjing City and 2 hours drive to Shanghai. JSHP Transformer production line focus on transformer only, power transformer manufacturing capacity is up to 750kV, 1000MVA.

According to the Germany-based business data provider Fygen, JSHP Transformer is currently the largest producer of Medium Power Transforms ( MPT) in the world.

JSHP Quick Facts:

Founded 1967
No. of Employees: 2,500
Revenue in 2021: US$9xx millions
Delivered MVA in 2021: 96,983 MVA
110kV-500kV Units delivered in 2021: 619 Units
Total of 110kV-500kV Units delivered by March 2022: 11,000 Units
69KV and below: 8,099 units in 2021
Manufacturing Capacity: 120,000MVA, 750KV
Average fabrication time for 110KV-525KV unit 50 days
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